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Have You Experienced Dizziness, Vertigo,
Hearing Loss, or Ear Ringing?

Dizzy spells and losing your balance seriously compromise your quality of life, limiting many everyday activities.  Let the balance care specialists at CT ENT Sinus Center evaluate your inner ear problems before they become more serious.

Many patients we see do not even realize that they have a balance problem. They experience strange symptoms like unexplained dizziness or vertigo, anxiety, hearing loss, pressure in the head or ringing in the ears and do not necessarily relate it to an inner ear problem.

In most cases, early treatment can make all the difference in the world, preventing the inevitable possibility of life-threatening accidents.

The CT ENT Sinus Center team of Board-Certified ENT Doctors, Audiologists and Vestibular Technicians are ready to help you get your life back in order.  We are proud to have devoted thousands of hours to successfully treating vertigo patients.  CT ENT Sinus Center is Fairfield County’s only fully-equipped vestibular testing lab affiliated with the American Institute of Balance.

Our treatment plans involve no medications, no invasive surgery, no painful procedures
and no unnecessary, expensive diagnostic tests.

Play it before you fall!

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I highly recommend this practice if you have any sinus, hearing/ear/balance or throat issues.
Our experience could not have been better!!!
The staff is always so helpful, professional, and knowledgeable.

Please note:  because every patient is unique, your results may vary.