Meet Anne Reap

Anne Reap, AuD, FAAA, CCC-A

Dr. Anne Reap (Dr. Annie) has come full circle since beginning her audiology career. After receiving her Masters of Science (M.S.) Degree in Audiology with honors from the University of Virginia, she began her first clinical experience working with Dr. Sheldon Greenberg, a surgeon she has always admired.

Now Dr. Annie is thrilled to return to Fairfield County and join Dr. Weiss, Dr. Leonard and Dr. Greenberg and their outstanding team of specialists at CT ENT. Dr. Annie received her doctorate at A.T. Still University, holds a Board Certification in Audiology and is licensed to practice in both Connecticut and New York. She has worked in a broad range of settings including hospitals, universities, rehabilitation centers and private practice.

Dr. Annie's focus is on providing experienced and compassionate hearing care to patients to meet their needs. She especially enjoys working with seniors to enhance their hearing and improve their quality of life.

Dr. Reap holds a Certificate of Clinical Experience (CCC) from the American Speech­ Language Hearing Association and is a Fellow of the American Academy of Audiology. She is also a member of the Geriatric Society of Connecticut and the Commission on Aging in Fairfield and Westchester Counties.

Dr. Annie is married, has two grown children and resides in Greenwich, CT. On a personal note, she enjoys tennis, boating and travel.

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What our patients are saying...

After seeing their many ads I convinced Dad to "just have a hearing test." I wish he could use the computer himself to say how sorry he was to have waited so long to get help. This is a wonderful group, and it is easy to see that they truly care about us and enjoy what they do, which is help people hear again. Definitely recommend!
- Lana K.

5-star Patient Review

Dr. Sheldon Greenberg took care of my deviated septum in my nose, and I am now able to breathe normally at 100% for the first time in 12 years! On top of that, cosmetically my nose, after having to be re-broken during the procedure looks natural, like it looked before it broke in my accident 12 years ago! Highly recommend if you are having breathing issues due to your nose. You will indeed be a changed person. Staff is awesome, also extremely friendly and welcoming.
- Michael S.

5-star Patient Review

I'm cured! Thanks, Dr. Weiss, Michelle, Lisa, and everyone else. I recovered quickly from surgery, and my allergies are clearing up. Feeling great!
- Megan R.

5-star Patient Review

If you have any difficulty breathing through your nose or any difficulty with your nose in general, look no further than Dr. Weiss. Dr. Weiss did my surgery on October 5, 2016, which was not as big a deal as I anticipated. Now I can breathe like I've never been able to breathe before. It was the greatest sensation to be able to breathe through my nose. Thank you Dr Weiss for doing an excellent, fantastic, outstanding job.
- Steven F.

5-star Patient Review

I am so grateful for this practice! For years and years, I suffered terribly from severe sinus infections brought on by every single little cold I'd catch. Dr. Weiss took the conservative approach with the balloon surgery to expand the access to and from the sinuses. This was painless and required no recovery time...It has been life-changing. Dr. Weiss is a caring and skilled doctor to whom I'm grateful for giving me a much better quality of life. The practice, all of the staff members, are caring and fun, and I can't recommend it highly enough!
- Debbie T.

5-star Patient Review

I wish I could give 10 stars! Our experience could not have been better! Thank you guys, for all the time you took to make my little man hear again. Now he can hear me when I tell him I love him.
- Jonathan M.

5-star Patient Review

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