BOTOX® & Fillers from CT ENT

Bring back your youthful look with Botox injectibles from CT ENT and Dr. Waters

Are wrinkles showing your age? Bring youth back to your face with BOTOX® and fillers from CT ENT’s Dr. Waters

It’s hard to feel confident about your appearance when you can’t have a conversation without someone staring at your forehead. Wrinkles and noticeable signs of aging can be annoying to you, distracting to others, and deflating for your self-esteem. It doesn’t have to be permanent. You have safe, effective options with CT ENT.

You can fight back against wrinkles with the following injections:

  • BOTOX®
  • Dysport®‎
  • Xeomin®
  • Fillers

If you’re ready to explore how injections and fillers, administered by double board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Heather Waters, can stop your face from showing your age, request an appointment today or learn more by reading below.

Could you benefit from BOTOX® or fillers? Here’s how to tell.

BOTOX for men and women restores youthful skin and reduces lines and wrinkles

Does your appearance suffer from wrinkles? Whether your wrinkles are static (seen while your face is resting) or dynamic (when the muscles in your face are moving), injections can ease the impact wrinkles are having on your look. These injections (BOTOX®, Dysport®‎, Xeomin®) can also be used to sculpt your brow line and bring a fresh appearance to the top portion of your face.

Fillers can address a variety of areas on your face. You may benefit from fillers if you want to repair any of the following:

  • Smile lines
  • Wrinkles
  • Nasolabial folds
  • Mild skin elasticity
  • Volume loss
  • Acne scars

Fillers can also be used to augment or reshape the lips, nose, and other areas of your face.

Neuromodulator injections and fillers from CT ENT – how they work.

Injections to help your face restore youthful elasticity

Every patient is unique and will be treated with care at CT ENT. Dr. Waters creates individualized treatment plans, meaning the treatment you receive will be focused on how to best improve your appearance.

Neuromodulator injections will be made by Dr. Waters by isolating muscles in the focus areas – where you feel you need the most help. The goal during the procedure is to perform the least number of injections while achieving the best possible result. This approach helps prevent injecting too much into the face, giving you an unnatural and stiff look.

Injectable fillers, which allow sculpting and shaping to volumize, camouflage, or fill lines in the face, are another non-surgical procedure that combats the effect aging has on your skin. Fillers provide near instant benefits with results that look completely natural. Injections may need to be administered more than once to reach and keep your desired outcome.

Injections with neuromodulators and fillers are performed in our offices. Although most patients do not need anesthesia, Dr. Waters offers topical anesthesia creams by request.

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What to expect during recovery.

You will begin to experience the benefits of your injections within a week. Typically, patients see results within 3-7 days with neuromodulator injections and 2-3 days with fillers.

Neuromodulator injections do not require extensive recovery. After the procedure, you can continue your day as planned. Within hours after the procedure, you may notice some swelling at the injection sites with minimal bruising and redness that will begin to disappear through the day. You should plan to use an icepack during the first few hours following the procedure. We will provide you with a cool compress to use.

Bring back your youthful look with CT ENT’s Dr. Waters

Dr. Heather Waters

Dr. Heather Waters brings her years of experience as an Ear, Nose, and Throat (ENT) doctor and facial plastic and reconstructive surgeon to CT ENT. Dr. Waters, who is double board-certified, has a long track record of achieving desirable results for patients. Dr. Waters will guide you through your options and create a customized treatment plan.

Dr. Waters has spent much of the last decade of her career administering neuromodulator injections and dermal fillers and has perfected her technique in the process. In addition to performing injections and fillers, Dr. Waters specializes in rhinoplasty, blepharoplasty, rhytidectomy (facelift), brow lift, otoplasty, earlobe repair, skin cancer reconstruction of the face and neck, and all aspects of functional nasal surgery including nasal fracture repair and septoplasty.

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