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Are Stretched, Torn, or Deformed Earlobes an Unwanted Part of Your Look? Get Them Back in Shape with CT ENT’s Dr. Heather Waters

If your ear lobes are beginning to stretch, have torn, or are deformed, they may be attracting attention for the wrong reasons. Restore the look and function you want and need to your ear lobes with earlobe repair from CT ENT’s Dr. Heather Waters. Request an appointment today or continue to read below to learn more about how CT ENT can repair your earlobes.

Earlobe repair from large hole placement

What is earlobe repair?

When stretched, poked, weighed down, or ripped, earlobes can suffer from long-term damage. While damage can be permanent, a plastic surgeon can perform a procedure to restore your earlobes to their normal shape and texture.

Earlobe repair, performed on men and women who are seeking to reverse damage to their ears, restores the lobe’s contour and symmetry through plastic surgery. The procedure, if desired, can also enable the lobe to be re-pierced in the future after it has healed.

Could you benefit from earlobe repair from CT ENT? Here’s how to tell.

Earlobes can lose their intended shape and function for a variety of reasons. Common reasons CT ENT patients choose earlobe repair include:

  • Excess stretching from earrings or ear gauges
  • Irregularly shaped earlobes
  • Enlarged earlobes
  • Injured earlobes
  • Congenital disabilities

Do you suffer from any of the above earlobe-related issues? If so, schedule an appointment with Dr. Waters to discuss how earlobe repair can work for you.

Earlobe Repair – How It Works.

Large-format earrings can stretch the elasticity of the ear and can be hard to repair.

Your earlobe repair procedure will be created to meet your unique needs. Your plastic surgeon will finalize details and inform you of what the procedure will include before the day of your operation. In general, CT ENT’s Dr. Heather Waters will remove scarring in your earlobes and recontour tissue to make your earlobes symmetrical once again.

Earlobe repair is generally an outpatient surgery performed under local anesthesia that may include one or several approaches.  These approaches include:

  • Keloid scar repair: Small, red scars can develop around piercings in your cartilage. Keloid scar repair eliminates these scars.
  • Split earlobe repair: Under immense pressure, earlobes can split. Split earlobe repair can reverse stretching or tears caused by wide gauges or heavy, bulky earrings.
  • Stretched earlobe repair: Stretched earlobe repair is the primary method of repairing damage caused by ear gauges. This procedure restores normal proportions and symmetry to your lobes.
  • Earlobe reduction: Earlobes can become enlarged and appear to be too big when compared to the rest of the ear. Earlobe reduction resizes the lobes to a more natural state.

What to expect when recovering from earlobe repair.

Earlobe repair is not considered to be an extremely painful procedure. After surgery, the incisions made around your ears will be closed with sutures and taped. Your earlobes may swell during the healing process, which will take several weeks in total.

You can expect to return to work directly after the procedure with no extended downtime required. One week post-surgery, the sutures are removed. After a month and a half, your ears will be able to be pierced once again. It is advised that you avoid wide, bulky, and heavy earrings to retain the results achieved during the procedure.

Stop your earlobes from controlling your look by scheduling an appointment with CT ENT’s Dr. Waters

Dr. Heather Waters

Dr. Heather Waters brings her years of experience as a double board-certified Ear, Nose, and Throat (ENT) doctor and facial plastic and reconstructive surgeon to CT ENT. Dr. Waters has a successful track record of achieving desirable results for patients. Dr. Waters can repair your earlobes to restore your ears and confidence while eliminating worries and the distraction caused by the current state of your earlobes.

In addition to performing earlobe repair, Dr. Waters specializes in blepharoplasty, rhytidectomy (facelift), rhinoplasty, brow lift, otoplasty, Botox, skin cancer reconstruction of the face and neck, and all aspects of functional nasal surgery including nasal fracture repair and septoplasty.

Do you want to prevent your ears from looking worn out, torn, or deformed? Take the first step towards better looking and functioning earlobes and schedule an appointment today.

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