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Is Severe Sinus Pain Making You Miserable?

Are You Tired of Living with Chronic Sinus Infection Symptoms?

Your persistent cough, sore throat, sneezing, and sniffling won’t allow you to rest at night. Congestion is ruining your sleep. Sinus pain keeps you from concentrating at work. You just want to be able to breathe again, but you’re tired, frustrated, and miserable.

Sinus Inflammation and Pain

Swelling impairs normal sinus function, causing the sinus cavities (the hollow spaces behind and around the eyes and nose) to become a stagnant breeding ground for bacteria and viruses. Sinus pain is a common symptom of sinusitis.

Many sinusitis sufferers can be treated with OTC (over-the-counter) medications. But, if you experience lengthy periods of severe sinus pain, you may be stuck in a cycle of chronic sinus infection.

When a sinus sufferer becomes stuck in a cycle of chronic sinus infection, he or she experiences four or more episodes of infection in a single year (this is known as recurrent acute sinusitis). You may have made multiple trips to the doctor and been prescribed medications or antibiotics that seem to have little or no effect on your symptoms.

Sinus infection pain

Real Relief for Sinus Infection Pain

The CT ENT Sinus Center team of sinus care specialists will determine the cause of your sinus pain and develop an individual care plan tailored to your specific needs.  Our  team is committed to improving your sinus health and will explain your treatment options in order to help you understand possible outcomes.

Are you experiencing sinus pain, swelling, congestion or irritation?  Painful sinus symptoms can make your life miserable.  Take the Sinus Quiz now to learn more about your level of sinus symptoms.

Discover Minimally Invasive Treatment Options for Severe Sinus Pain

Contact CT ENT Sinus Center – treating patients from Fairfield County, CT to Westchester County, NY.

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