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Life-Changing Treatment for Sinusitis

Severe Sinus Pain Sufferers: Is Balloon Sinuplasty Right for You?

First, we will locate the sinus area to be treated.

Then, we carefully position the device.

Finally, we remove the small balloon & drainage is restored.

Balloon sinus dilation by Entellus (or balloon sinuplasty) is a convenient, minimally invasive sinus treatment.  It requires no cutting, which minimizes bleeding and pain, and allows for speedy recovery with minimal downtime.  This powerful procedure can effectively treat and eliminate one of the major causes of chronic sinus infection and sinusitis.  Patients experience long-lasting relief from sinus pain. The procedure is performed in the offices of CT ENT Sinus Center by our team of sinus care professionals.

Restore Your Sinus Health Fast

Most patients should expect to experience less pain than with traditional sinus procedures and return to normal daily activities more quickly.

The procedure involves 3 key steps:

  1. After making the patient comfortable by numbing the inside of the nose, the doctor inserts a small balloon catheter into the blocked sinus.
  2. The balloon is gently inflated for about 5 seconds, gradually expanding and reshaping the sinus passageway to improve drainage.
  3. The balloon is then deflated and removed, leaving the sinus clean, open, and undamaged.

Enjoy Long-Lasting Relief from Sinus Pain

Balloon Sinuplasty has been clinically-proven to provide relief from painful sinus symptoms for 94% of patients who undergo the procedure.  On average, about 6 patients in every 100 will require another procedure.

Covered by Most Insurance Plans

Balloon sinus dilation by Entellus is covered by Medicare, along with many other insurance plans.  Contact your health care provider to learn if balloon sinuplasty is covered by your individual plan.

Relief from Sinus Suffering

Don’t Wait to Find Relief from Severe Sinus Pain

The CT ENT Sinus Center team is committed to your sinus health. Proudly serving patients from Westchester County, NY to Fairfield County, CT.

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