Allergy Sufferer in Connecticut

Allergy Tips At Home

It is allergy season in Connecticut, and pollen counts are on the rise with Maple, Birch and Juniper in the air. If you are experiencing itchy eyes, a runny nose, sneezing, sinus headache and congestion, you may be suffering from seasonal ENT allergies.

Our team of CT ENT allergy experts offer a variety of treatments to help you find long-term relief from ENT allergies. To set up a telehealth allergy session or make an appointment to visit the office please go to the CT ENT website. Or, call 203-716-6008 (Norwalk) or 203-295-0160 (Stamford) to speak with one of our front office staff members.

Top Five At-Home Allergy Tips:

  1. Check the pollen count for the day on When pollen counts are moderate to high, be sure to keep your windows closed. Pollen counts are the most elevated in the morning. Allergy sufferers may be especially sensitive at this time.
  2. After spending time outdoors, wash your clothes and take a shower. Pollen can stick to skin and materials, making it easy for allergens to get into your home.
  3. Change your pillowcase to ensure that you have a fresh environment for sleep. This greatly helps reduce allergy symptoms during the evening.
  4. Remain on the medications and treatments recommended by your healthcare providers. Follow up with your provider if your medical condition has changed.
  5. Lemon, peppermint and lavender essential oils are well known to help decrease allergy symptoms. If you do not have essential oils at home, aromatherapy can be achieved simply by breathing in the peel of a lemon (tip: use a zester or peeler to release oils from the peel) or mint leaves.